is smooth decking suitable for outside

Imported mostly in 90mm and 145mm-wide boards, Balau is an optimal decking hardwood, similarly to European Oak. is a dense, time-consuming material, mainly available in set sizes, which limit its design, while requiring stainless steel screws and precision cutting. Western red cedar is a highly useful softwood in ...

Useful links. Request a sample of composite decking ... In terms of decking, a hardwood timber is often a popular choice because hardwoods are typically more resilient against rot and degeneration. ... If your garden if renowned for being marshy or generally damp, decking can help raise your outdoor space above it.

It's a question we are asked regularly; which are best grooved or smooth deck boards? The answer may be ... to fit anti-slip grip strips into. This can be particularly useful for steps and ramps where extra grip may be needed or for commercial decks where a cleaning regime may not be so readily undertaken.

The standard range of decking boards are wax treated but we recommend that they should also be additionally coated from time to time with the appropriate timber treatment. You could even use a decking stain ... 3.6m 'Q' Deck Canterbury Decking Board ex150x32mm Smooth & Grooved. £13.22 (Inc. VAT). £11.02 (Ex. VAT).

Because they are so dense, hardwood decks can more difficult to drill and nail. ... Treated pine is easy to work with, lightweight and versatile, making it a good option for D.I.Y. installation. ... Composite decking comes in various timber looks to suit your outdoor space, such as Jarrah, Silver Gum, Highland Oak and more.

Their barefoot-friendly temperature is comparable to that of exotic hardwood, making them ideal for swimming pool decks and outdoor patios. Finally, they are intended for outdoor use and must be exposed to UV rays and the weather to stabilize their color. The Elegance wood composite board is a monochrome board.

This ensures the timber decking we offer is reliable, long-lasting and suitable for a wide variety of applications, as well as from sustainable sources. Our decking is available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and materials, plus handrails and balustrades in different sizes, materials and shapes can be found to match your ...